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Double Sided Municipal

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16 hours ago, remixsam said:

Here a catalog pic.  


Or maybe not... lol. 

Did Garrison Wagner actually make some of their own products? I was under the impression they were just a distributor.  I just always assumed these were early GP because as far as I know, no other company made these large municipals in this style.  If these are GW produced or made by another more obscure company, that would be really neat!

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Garrison-Wagner did not make their products, the Santa and bell wreaths shown in Sam's picture were indeed make by GP but they are not the same as what Kelly has.  My guess would be that Kelly's were made by GP but at a earlier date then the ones in the G-W broadsheet.  The ones in the Broadsheets and G-W catalogs that I have are double sided with the same on both sides, not a Santa on one side and the bells on the other.


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Kelly, that is definitely possible and I wondered about that myself.  The only way we can know for sure is to hopefully see catalog pictures or advertisements  showing yours.  Possibly David (WLND-David) might know something about yours, he has done a lot of research into the municipal decorations.  I have sent an email to him with the link to this thread as I see he hasn't been on PC since November 20 so he probably doesn't know about it.

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