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Hey all I’m new to the group and very excited to be here and share ideas with each other.   I started laying out my inflatables I have about 15., much more to come.  But I’ve noticed the 2 of my minions aren’t as bright as the last one I purchased (kevin) and I got just last year from Walmart (holiday time) the HO HO HO inflatable that has the 5 Xmas balls and they light up one at a time than blink.  Well on 2 balls are working!!  Very frustrating.. I looked inside and the plastic piece that has the bulb in it is attached to the inflatable it does not come off nor I can’t figure out how to open it.  There has to be a way!! Has anyone else has had this problem?  How did u change the bulb.  The minion ones not sure who makes it but it’s the same type of plastic piece.. they are the size of a dime.   It’s very frustrating because these inflatables are not cheap!! 

I will appreciate any info u can spare 



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Hi welcome, I don't have inflatables in my display but did a quick search on the holiday time ho ho ho balls- LOL , Various reviews on different sites state that the bulbs are NOT replaceable at all. Hopefully one of the inflatable kings/queens can chime in and they might have a work around.

Welcome aboard.

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just realized I have the Ho Ho HO Balls in our display.  I generally do not buy inflatables that have a AC/DC converter and CDC motor because they do not seem to hold up very well outside.  


And yes they do have LED non replaceable lights.  I think the only reason I bought them last year was they were on clearance at Kroger for $9.95.


Since the blower seems to still be good I would recommend simply cutting or disconnecting the lights and buy a short string or LED lights and replace the ones in there,  normally you can do this through the zippers, takes a little, no a lot of patience, worst case you can cut a seam and resew it, it is a nice display item,  kinda ditto on the Minions



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