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Tomato Cages Causing GFCI Trip in rain

Big J Illinois

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Try plugging them in only one in at a time to see if you can locate a single cage that is causing the problem. If you find a bad one take a real close look at where the wires go into each bulb looking for bare copper that may be leaking current to the wire cage. The powder coating of the wire cages might be conductive especially if it contains something like zinc for corrosion resistance. You can check this with a good ohmmeter or megger that will measure high resistance to about 10 megohms. Sometimes reversing the way a two-prong plug is plugged in may help solve the problem as most LED and mini light strings have non-polarized plugs that can be plugged in either way round. This could lower the potential to ground which would reduce the small current flow that is tripping your GFCI

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