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C7 Bulb Colors...

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Hi.  My Grandmother (RIP) had two old plastic candelabras.  I managed to acquire the same ones recently.  Now, she used to put the C7 bulbs in there that were blue.  I'm not talking the frosted blue that you see these days that looks more like the sky on a bright sunny day.  I mean these bulbs were a deep dark blue color.  However, I've been to several stores and sites and I cannot find them.  I find bulbs that, when not lit, look the shade of blue that I'm looking for.  However, when I light them, they turn to be a sky blue color.  I've tried bulbs that look painted and also those that are see-through.  I've attached a couple of photos.  I'm hoping someone can help me find the shade of blue that I'm searching for.  Thanks!


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I remember seeing those deep blue as a kid.  They are C9s.  Are you looking for C9s or C7s?  All the blues I’ve seen for th past 20+ yers have all been the sky blue color.  Look on eBay or Craig’s list for vintage Christmas lights or garage sales.  I think the dark blue weren’t bright enough and were replaced by the sky blue because they were brighter.  If you want something right away your best option will be LEDs.

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