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Found a bunch of nos General foams...

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New to blow molds, lucked upon a set of Grand venture sleigh and 4 reindeer in an attic a few months ago , had always wanted a set. And now Im hooked....drove an hour to pick up a nativity set yesterday, but really slim pickings in my area. Then My father sends me a text with pics of all sorts of brand new General Foams at a store! There all new old stock, but at full retail and then some.  Brand new in box flying reindeer $100, I saw a 20% off all lawn ornaments sign and considered it to add to the display...but  ...asked clerk if blow molds were included, she looked at me like I was asking for her first born,,, and proceeded to tell me "ooh No". Last pic is my little set up going up..







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From what I could see of the prices, there's certainly no "steals" there, and I almost think you'd have a better chance on the some of the on line sites.  You've got several months before next year's decorating begins, so you might see what else you can find out there before paying those prices.  One hundred dollars for a reindeer, new or not, seems very steep.

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From what I could read on the price tags. Some of those prices are actually decent retail. $50 for the palace guard/soldier. $50 for the butt deer.
Those flat green trees one sold on eBay for $40 a month ago. So I’d pay that price seeing GF is gone and almost all those molds got scrapped.

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