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C7/9 LED ceramic retrofits, and why you shoud use 7 colors (and teal in place of blue)

Cullen Wassell

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I've posted these pics elsewhere but I'll post them again at the bottom of this post.  I finally broke down and bought a set of ceramic C7s from HLE to try.  Read on.

The standard multi-color pack offered by most of the online stores that sell these comes with 5 colors: red, green, orange, blue and warm white.  As is typical with LED, the blue and green are brighter than all the rest, even with the latest retros.  Though the problem is not quite as severe as it used to be, it is still very much there and noticeable.  It's a 180-degree flip from incandescents: in those, blue and green tend to disappear as you back away, they're just not bright enough.  With LED, the blue and green are piercing.  Then there's the issue of how harsh the blue is - it gives off a noticeable 'black light' effect, that seems to get worse as you get farther away.

Using 7 colors does 2 things.  #1, it adds two additional 'warm' colors - gold and pink - and it reduces the number of blue and green, without creating an imbalanced effect, for those sticklers for having an equal number of each color, like me.  I also recommend using teal in place of blue.  http://www.holiday-light-express.com by @hotrod1965 is one of the only online stores I know of that stocks the ceramic teal, and the only store I'm aware of that allows individual purchase of bulbs, rather than by boxes of 25 at minimum, which allows you to "Mix 'n Match" your own color combination.  The teal is definitively blue - but it is a much softer, prettier blue, without the harsh sharp edge of regular LED blue.

So this is what you get when you switch blue for teal and use 7 colors, these are the HLE Minleon C7s. The color sequence I finally chose, after playing around with it a bit, is red-green-gold-teal-orange-pink-warm white.  Note that while not quite as warm as incandescents, the ambient glow in the room is definitely on warm side:





Thanks again @hotrod1965, dare I say I actually like these, despite being heavily skeptical at first.  Gotta try the C9s now...

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21 minutes ago, Scott Rob said:

I have received my order from Holiday Light Express. I did a little set up and different voltages picture. I am very pleased with the dimming it’s better than other types. Attach are some pictures sorry I can’t fix rotation.




This is my set up. The green bulb is more green in person.

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