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Chuck....I always learned a lot from the PC Magazines.  I would love to see em make a comeback. 

Second, why not advertise on the companies that advertise here?  Ask them to throw up a splash in return for free advertising on PC site?  Everyone knows hanging out here too longs leads to big online shopping carts at the lighting vendors!

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Chuck,  I would love to see a new PC Magazine! I always enjoy them.  I have printed out most of them and read them on remote job site where there is no cell phone service.

Also, it would be cool if there where some articles on manufacture plant like Cado and some of the LED manufacturing plants. I know it’s a real tall order but I alway find it interesting how things are produced and I think other on here would be interested.

Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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Hey @Chuck I am on quite a few other forums and one thing that I love about them is the way the front page is. Is there any way you could toss the idea up about having a page that lists the most recent thread that has been used? Half the time I get on PC, I don't have a specific reason, I just want to learn. If it was listed on chronological order, I could just see the most recently active posts and go into those specific threads. I have attached an image of an example.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 4.11.37 PM.png

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