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BZB Goods 6 FT Christmas Lantern Santa Tree Rotating Lights

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I saw this back in early December but didn't buy it because the lowest price I looked at was still too much. They are priced from $80 to $130.
Decided to wait until after Christmas. Googled (under Shopping) for it for days until I found it at Groupon for $69.99. I gave in. The lowest I have seen. Total $74.63.

The reason why I was interested in this was because I have wanted a inflatable/airblown snow globe but they cost more than I would like. So I thought I would buy this and see if I could somehow put the fake snow stuff in it.


Few days after the package arrived, I received the 10% discount from Groupon if I still wanted to buy it. Too late.

Today I got a chance to test it to make sure it works.



I found a zipper that could have been put there for the snow stuff.


Normally a zipper would be next to the fan but here is the zipper directly on the bottom.



No rips? Check. Nothing broken? Check. Fan putting out enough air? It can stand up okay but it doesn't feel full if you get what I'm saying. A slight poke can knock it over.

Now I just have to get the snow stuff. I will give an update later.

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This inflatable was the last to go up then 3 days later it was flat on the ground. Luckily I have a similar larger Halloween version (same designer / manufacturer) so I took the adapter from it and use it to power this one. Now its up.

I still don't like the blower.. 0.8a fan blowing up 6ft size. Fine when dry but it struggle to inflate and stand upright when wet.

After Christmas (if it last that long), I will replace the 0.8a fan+adapter for the gemmy 1a fan+adapter.

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Replacing a 12V DC converter shouldn't be a problem.  You can buy a new one online from overseas vendors for less than $4 or US seller for about $7.50.  That would be for a 12V 2A 24W output, plenty enough to power any blower motor.  I just scavenge them from thrift stores where they rarely cost more than $2.  I recently picked up a spare blower for $6 at a thrift store.  It is 12W and connects directly to the wall outlet with no adapter. 

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I got lucky/  bought a pallet of laser lights, about $3.00 each.  guess what, the transformer is the same one almost all of Gemmy small inflatables use.  needless to say I have sold about 70.  interesting though on these converters, both ones I bought and ones with Gemmy product, voltage varies with a volt meter, usually around 10 volts, have not had time to see it if goes up under load


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