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VA mini coming up this next Saturday the 11th

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VA mini coming up this next Saturday the 11th at Franktronics Computer Store located at 3618 George Washington Memorial Highway in Hayes (Gloucester County), Virginia  


Frank Farmer is working on an itinerary and should have it out on Wednesday. If you have a topic you would like to talk about during the mini, please let Frank know so he can get you on the list. Once you know what you are bring for food, please post on our Face Book page Virginia Holiday Decorators Group so we don’t have any duplication. Also post anything you plan to bring for the sale/trade session.


Ralph Priest, Steven Stern & Frank Farmer have been working hard to get some new sponsors for us this year.  Thank you to the following sponsors.  Light O Rama. 3G Lighting, Boscoyo Studio, CoolTees Custom Apparel, Creative Displays & Designs, Christmas Done Bright, Christmas-LEDs, The Christmas Light Emporium, Crockett Fantasy of Lights, Falcon Controllers, Gilbert Engineering USA, Holiday Sequences,  Pixel Pro Displays, Wired Watts, Wizard of Wire, xTreme Sequences.

Frank & Andy

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