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Problem Getting power to my lights

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Last year I had a very mild year for lights was very busy.. but I did buy out my local target and 3 lowes of all of there remaining lights and outdoor decor.. so I need a

To make something up where I can plug everything up to one location with a switch for easy on and off. I dont have any computerized stuff. Any ideas?



The pic was of last year.. Resized952018120995180909.jpgResized_20181209_180757.jpg


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We have 6, 20 amp dedicated circuits and use remote controlled outlets for them. Looking to switch to a contactor set up on a timer this year.
Yeah I'm wanting a box of sorts that has 10 to 15 outlets in it that I can mount on the side of my house and hardwire it in..

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Attached are some types I have used. Large one coil 120V light switch and pull in 4 pole contacts good for 30A each. I have also made small ones that are in outlet boxes. There 120VAC coil with 20amp contact from Dayton.7EC7F28C-2988-48A5-846F-A3B33C4EF29D.thumb.jpeg.1cd0c711b8a9ab651caf6bc06b513e1d.jpeg






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