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Menard's Christmas blow molds 2019 (A Grinch blow mold!!!)

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Order the grinch and pumpkin disk lamp post. Just got them in mail today! They look pretty good on paint. The lamp post is battery LED timer I will Be converting It to 120v led bulb.

Better pics and prices to come. The paint apps look great, rather small, but better than nothing. They also have Union stuff from the past couple years, the North Pole sign is back too.

I believe that they are all made by Gemmy 

Posted Images

One holiday behind!

When I saw this post for Menards I stopped at the closest equivalent - Lowes Home Improvement.  Sorry no pictures as I don't carry a camera phone. 

No sign of Christmas decorations but they were busy putting out the Halloween decorations.  The aisles where they normally display blow molds were blocked off and inaccessible.   The stuff that was visible seemed more expensive than before.  Maybe the new tariffs were figured into the price.

The most reasonable items  were  foam pumpkins the same size as the ones pictured below except they were solid with no cutouts and not illuminated priced at $10.    That seemed to be the least expensive item you couldn't also find in the dollar stores.  The most impressive is a battery operated decoration that emit sound and light triggered by proximity detectors.  They had several kinds.  I couldn't see a price on the tag for the large talking pumpkin.   They also had the lighted 3 pumpkin tower in the bin with the foam pumpkins. 

These  8.5 inch diameter foam pumpkins were purchased for a buck each at Goodwill recently and converted to 12V LED from the incandescent C9 light.  I will post a  tutorial on simple LED conversions shortly while there is still time to get cheap parts from overseas eBay vendors before Halloween.


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10 hours ago, Stock557 said:

Those look pretty good, any idea on who the manufacturer is? Or item #?

Gemmy. I got one of the soldiers from Lowes a couple years ago, I cant even display it looks so bad when lit. Im just wondering if the paint has gotten any better since then.

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I just looked at the 'completed' auctions for the grinch blowmold on ebay.  Some people have been paying 70-80-90$ for these, sometimes even paying the additional 8-20$ shipping. 


You can order one on line from menards (39.99) shipped to your house (fees, tax and shipping 12.00) for about 52$.

A guy at work claims each menards store is only getting 4-6 of the Grinch blowmolds. The menards near me was sold out of grinches last weekend, yet the Disney mice and snoopy were still available.

Is there some sort of shortage, thus a crazy demand for these?

Im guessing that since this grinch mold is the first grinch blowmold available, that long time grinch enthusiasts (like myself ) are snapping them up. No doubt gemmy in china will make tens of thousands more in the next few years.

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Yes I was told by my source, Menards got a limited amount of molds, based on years past sales. Some got 4 ,some got as many as 16.. depends on the sales they have had. Mine had I beleive 6, and now they have I beleive 2 or 3. The ones that are left are ratty looking, dented. Why people go in ebay is beyond my comprehension. You are right, go online and order at Menards.com.  The shipping is reasonable for sure.  

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I wonder if the grinch is lit by LED lights?  It looks pretty bright and the colors are more vibrant than some of the older incandescent lit blow molds.  If you look at the tag on the power cord it tells what the replacement lamp would be.

The prices for used blow molds is really crazy.  I got Mary and Joseph at my Goodwill salvage store for a couple of dollars but when I again went looking for Jesus on eBay see high prices  that are nearly the cost of an entire set.  Shipping is the real killer.  The one shown below is nice but with shipping is $35.40 when I can buy a brand new set at my local Walmart for $49. 


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