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Relamping an inflatable with LEDs

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I recently bought a used inflatable Santa/Christmas Tree/Reindeer. It works fine but I wasn't impressed by the lighting. Seemed awful dim. I decided to replace the wussy incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Normally I would convert over to 12V DC at the same time but I had on hand a bunch of 5W bulbs that I got a while ago. They are A15 (US bulb shape) E12 candelabra base, 110V AC. It took about 20 minutes.


How to convert to LED


You will need similar bulbs. The A15 bulb design allows you to discard the bulb covers that are on the existing lamps. The LEDs are arranged on a plate below the bulb cover so the bulb does not get hot enough to need the old protector.


Find all of the zipper access holes in the inflatable.


Open each one and carefully pull the bulb toward the opening. The bulb will be attached to the inflatable so pull gently.


Remove the protective cover and replace the bulb. My bulbs were too large to fit inside the cover. If you want to retain the protector instead use a 5W LED corn bulb. It is short enough to fit inside the typical protector and they only cost $1.50 each if imported from China.


If A15 shaped bulbs are too expensive I'd suggest using the bulbs shown below in 5W E12 110V.



These are warm white bulbs. I use cool or natural white but I had these on hand.  The LED is substantially brighter.  I looked for a local source for the A15 bulb but they are ridiculously expensive at Home Depot.  Two for ~$10. 




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