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Fairy, tree trunk net lights opinions?

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I looked up the size and the minimum size is 1.5m X 1.5m (58.5" square) for 96 LED.  It looks like this would be a much easier way to light a tree trunk compared to spiraling a conventional LED string.  That I have done and it gets difficult once I needed to get on a ladder to reach higher on the trunk.  I may have to try it myself.   A 96 red LED net  costs as little as $6 from China to as little as $9 for RGB and other colors.  That's pretty inexpensive and the power requirement is 110V and 4W.  Be sure if ordering from China to make sure they are sending 110V and a US plug.  Much of the world is 220 and uses the EU plug. 

I doubt you will be able to split one  lengthwise.  There is no way to follow the wire so that you don't cut the circuit.  I've separated a severely tangled regular LED net light into 3 separate sets and while successful was not worth the time.  Depends upon how high on the trunk you wish to light.  Just double wrap it with the mesh for brighter lights. 

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