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Do you know who made this snowman?


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7 hours ago, comet said:

Possibilities are endless. I did know grand venture was a company and not a manufacturer.

I understood from way back that they had  gotten a hold of old poloron molds.

Seems odd they would make new molds,but apparently they did. 

Remember the old 31"..no 32" snowman.LOL. Seems everybody made it in a differant size.

Sunhill made that snowman as well as empire,tpi...etc

And Poloron, GV, GF, Holiday Innovations, and it seems each made at least 2 or 3 styles of it 😂

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Ill just chime in here, relative to the sub discussion about crazy high blowmold prices. Craigslist is bonkers, and Menards mind boggling. (I don't tryically buy blowmolds from ebay. The shipping is a killer.)

So, the blowmolds I use these days for my outdoor display are the faded, cracked and common blowmolds which didn't sell when I liquidated the bulk of collection a number of years ago. Since the sell-off I have acquired a few snowmen from garage sales to replace the brittle ones which had to be put down.

With prices the way they are, and that I live on a street with moderate amounts of traffic, I can help but wonder if I will have a few snowmen grow legs and walk away this season. 

Over the years, ive only had 1 blowmold disappear. That was probably...ummm… 2007?  I took a photo of the display that year when I turned it on so I knew from my photos that it was the snowman with his little penguin buddy side by side.

On top of the simple feeling of having my display violated, I remember being extra irked that they stole that one. At the time,  amongst the 90 snowmen in the display, I know I had at least 8 bumpys, and 8 giant empire snowmen out there and 4 or 5 of most of the rest.  So, of course they had to steal a blowmold of which I only had (2) of.  Couldn't steal a bigger common one...ohhh nooo.

So, we shall see. I guess the one caveat, is that  I have not spent 30-40-50-60$ each on these snowmen. These are 2-3$ garage sale finds, and on top of that half of them are faded and dinged. If (knocking on wood) something does disappear, its not a financial loss.


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On 11/21/2019 at 10:35 PM, Mel Fischer said:

Hi Donna,

I'm around at least for a while again.  The snowman looks familiar but I can not find it in my files yet (if it is in the files).

I know what you mean by nobody bothers to respond, that is why I left.  People would ask for information and I would do what I could to help and then they didn't even acknowledge that they got thee information so I gave up on it.




I don't believe I've previously commented or responded to one of your posts, but I always look forward to reading them.  Your willingness to share the vast knowledge you have is very much appreciated, even by board lurkers, such as  myself.  I've been inspired by you and others who share an interest in molds to incorporate them into my display for the first time this year and have enjoyed my first tentative steps in learning about and finding "classic" pieces.  Thank you for all of your efforts.


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