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How to get sets of controllable lights to stay the same?

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If you have net lights with a built in controller test to see if it retains the last mode you set if for.  Plug it in, set if for twinkle, unplug it and then plug it in again.  If it twinkles without you doing anything to the controller,  you are good to go.  Just set all the controllers to twinkle before you put up the lights.  If you wanted something like all of the blue lights in all nets flash and then all of the red lights flash, you are probably out of luck. 


There is a device called an amplifier that allows you to connect strings of lights to a single controller but those are for light strips like RGB strips or the IC6803 smart lights. 

None of the sets I have from the past have multiple settings.  They are just dumb lights.  I just bought one set of net lights with 8 choices including twinkle after reading about them here.  It retains the last setting when the lights are disconnected.  There was a discussion on larger sets of net lights and whether or not those advertised as "mesh fairy lights" would work where it snows.  I bought a set with 96 LEDs measuring 4.9 feet square.   It was not what I expected having bought fairy lights in the past.  Those have tiny lights and the light string looks like bare wire with a thin coating.  What I got was light strings with 96 3mm LEDs and the wire has insulation is about 1/16" thick.  It is about 1/3 of what conventional strings have for wiring.  That's not surprising as the power consumption is just a couple of watts total.  I have no problem using it as a tree trunk wrap but know that the controller must be kept dry inside.  It is labeled IP44 which means the controller is "protected against splashing water".  It doesn't rain often where I live so putting it in a zip lock bag or sealable container should suffice.

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