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I am getting into the hobby what do I need to do

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Get a stack of $$$$$ and tons of extra time lol. 
But for reals, Start by reading what you can find, and look for tutorials on YouTube. 

Maybe explain a bit what you already know, and what type of display you are trying to build, and we can help with more specific answers.

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Welcome Jack,

I'd encourage you to spend some time surfing various suppliers' websites for ideas and to familiarize yourself with some of the pre-fabricated options on the market.  Once you have a good idea of what's available and at what price point you'll be in a good position to start thinking about how to execute your vision.  Fabricating your own elements can be a lot of fun, but also a bit challenging when you're just getting started.

I find it very helpful to sketch out my vision on paper.  I tend to layer my sketches, starting with general positioning of elements, then going back and adding specifics such as bulb type, color, and electrical circuit until I have a robust blueprint from which I can work when it comes time to install.

With regard to electricity, it is important to match the requirements of your vision with the capacity of your location;  if you want to run a 100 amp display off a single 20 amp (standard household) circuit, you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment.  Don't hesitate to consult with an electrician if you have questions/concerns about working with electricity.

Electrical capacity may also influence your choice of elements/materials.  For example, LED bulbs use substantially less power than incandescent bulbs, which means you came run more of them (i.e. have a bigger display) per amp.


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