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C9 LED Filament Lights

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I am loving the new LED C9's that are flexible filament lights.  These have finally excited me after all the many quality LED offerings.

They finally look like the true incandescent that I use.  


I've seen the Wintergreen options:


And the Holiday Bright Lights options:


Are there any other vendors selling these?  

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They show up on eBay too.  Sold in lots of 25 for $55 postpaid.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/C9-Transparent-Acrylic-Multicolor-FlexFilament-TM-LED-Bulbs/302855105814?hash=item4683922d16:g:m28AAOSwR7BbfivB   It looks like the two sites you listed only sell to professionals.  Note that the base on these is E17 so be sure that is what you have on any light strings you may wish to retrofit.

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