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Lowes has %50 off Christmas items

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I looked to go online to order those soldiers.. shipping would have been $60[emoji15][emoji15] alone.. so will pass. We dis go there last night and the 3 that where left, looked like a fork tuck ran them over...missing paint, damaged heavily 
We saw a damaged reindeer crossing lighted post at Wally world last year and asked for a discount and the lady gave us 75% off for it.

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I stopped in my nearest Lowes last Friday and they were asking around $40 for the lighted candy cane that Home Depot had on sale for $25 on black Friday.  Like all the others mentioned here it was in deplorable shape as were all the other blow molds still remaining.  It's hard to understand since the candy canes sold by Home Depot seem identical yet were all in perfect shape and I managed to get the very last one available.

On a more cheerful note I managed to pick up three blow molds this morning from the local Goodwill Outlet store.  They were all originally Empire but these said General Foam on them.  I got the deluxe sheep (painted and lighted), the deluxe donkey, and finally got a copy of Jesus.  It's not the one that goes with the GFP Joseph and Mary that I bought last year but will do.  The price for all three together was $5.50.  They are all in flawless shape.

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I went on line to order a couple of inflatables, but refuse to pay $80 shipping.  Cancelled the order.  I don't need them that bad.


also a bad Goodwill today  A employee on lunch bread was going through the store snatching up everything that was of any value,  I am standing in front of a couple of things, he reaches right in front of me and in his buggys it goes.  come to find out he resales the stuff.

May be legal but not right since he knows what is there and prices,  hope he was not the one pricing them

oops lunch freak, but who knows he could have had lunch bread

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Checked one of ours this afternoon and it was pretty well picked over already. IIRC last year they got another shipment a few days before Christmas. Maybe a fluke. If they don't get more this year then I'm done. Nothing but string lights and a few odds and ends. One reindeer and sleigh. That's it.

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