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Are flickering bulbs worth it?

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2 minutes ago, Big J Illinois said:

Nice Empire Donna!!  We put LED 40 watts daylight in the 2 choir people and LED bulbs in the 2 posts we have. I agree, up close they are nice, but anymore then 20ft , they are washed out.

Thanks Big J.  These guys were covered with snow almost to their necks with the last snow storm!  We just got rid of most of it and now it's snowing again.  :) 


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The little C7 flicker bulbs don't do well in cold weather and are usually packaged as indoor use only.  They just cant get warm enough to flicker in the cold.  I have DIY posts along the road that I use them in and are fine for warm evenings in NC.

An option for a flicker is to use LOR and a normal bulb.  I use orange or yellow in the pumkins.  Then run a repeating program to create a candle flicker.  We do this for Halloween for all our blowmold pumpkins in the yard and it looks incredible.  We have well over 20 pumpkins and started by spliting 8 of the LOR outputs to multiple pumpkins.  As long as two pumpkins aren't next to each other from the same output  no one can tell.  I just built 1 line of candle flickering about 20 seconds long, repeating and then adjust the start time for other lines to create the random looking effect.   LOR will allow you to simply adjust the intensity of the channels if it  ends up too bright so you don't have to go back and reprogram it all.

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Dont know if it would look good with those style of lamps. I had some similar to the one pictured with the carolers and it looked good because you can see the bulb. It might look good if you tried a yellow bulb or something like that to help give it a flame effect.

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