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Twinkly lights?

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I realize this post was made over a year but I haven't used twinkly lights yet.  I'm planning on getting enough for my roof line and the Music Dongle to sync up the lights to my  light show.

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Twinkly lights are pretty cool, especially when controlling them from your smartphone.  Twinkly's are addressable yet still look like typical LED Christmas lights.  The only downside might be they use a proprietary communications protocol meaning you can't mix and match them with typical RGB smart pixels.

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I didn't know exactly what you were talking about until Chuck posted about the lights being controlled by a smartphone.  I used a version of these made by GE under the eves across the main window in the front of my house.  Here is a YouTube video of the lights in action by someone else (not me)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=ZKNGKRz_QDU  Their set came with a controller in the box but the ones I got used didn't.  Mine use a smart phone and you can download the control program app on the internet.  I don't think my set originally had a hand-held controller.  They were just in a bin at Goodwill.

I liked the way they were working so didn't bother.  They are a lot nicer than just a blinking set of RGB lights.

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