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Local Church’s need your help.

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Hello my name is Ben and this is my first day here and first post also. I live in Athens Ga and volunteer at my church as the sound and tech guy. I am reaching out to this community for a FM Transmitter I am willing to buy or borrow or do what ever is needed to have one for Easter Services for my church. Since COVID we have been able to do Facebook Live and YouTube post and broadcast. But my pastor wants to gather for Easter Service, which my church Hebron Christian Church has a big field to the left of the church and a hill at the parsonage that he could be seen by about 100 cars. I have a travel PA rig but the only piece that I am missing is a FM Transmitter. Every option to buy I have found will not be able to be delivered till after Easter ie Amazon, eBay, many electronic web sites, Ham Radio operators and shops in the Atlanta area. I am now reaching out to y’all for any ideas help or leads. I am asking that you reach out to your church first or local church’s. Especially during this time people need to hear the gospel preached. If anyone can help me my email 

[email protected]


I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot maybe the monitors can move it if need be. Thanks again to this community and the talents that you have. 

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