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3 New blow molds on QVC

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I almost forgot to post about these very cute blow molds on QVC Christmas in July!  The Angel has a flickering candle flame, the Snowman has a flickering lamp and Santa has a flickering lantern.  Today is the last day they are $49.98 each and $7.50 shipping.  Regular cost is $61.00.  No Batteries, they plug in.





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2 hours ago, RichardG said:

They also had the tree. 
The red truck Mr. Christmas is producing this year is one that I’m excited for. 

Yes, and the tree came in green, white and 2 sizes.  

I didn't see a blow mold truck.  Do you mean the ceramic truck?  Mr Christmas makes some really nice items.

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20 hours ago, HowardFamilyChristmasDisplay said:

I wish they were 3 ft not 2ft, with 2ft blowmolds, I don't like them outside because of the snow. And with LED they stay cold and the snow, doesn't melt. LOL the debate of the LED conversion.

LOL!  I know.....Every Christmas season I have the same issue with putting lights on my yew bushes in front of the house.  I love the way it looks, but as soon as it snows the branches get forced to the ground from the weight of the snow and the lights get buried.  :(

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