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PlanetChristmas shifting away from forums?

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Thank you for admitting me to the group. Being my first post I want to thank you for making available what sounds like a treasure trove of information and experience from a large group of folks. I really look forward to diving in here in the coming months.  I’ve wanted to do a front yard light display for a long time; to include an fm transmitter and music synchronized light strings. I want to start with white lights synced to an orchestration of a portion(s) of Handel’s Messiah.  Not having yet looked, but just imagining from a few things I’ve read in this post, I will find many ideas and suggestions within this forum to assist in this project. I hope, as well, that I may have some things to share with the group as this project develops.  For your information, I don’t do Facebook; not my style.  A forum style is much more conducive to sharing of ideas and information. I’m so looking forward to getting started. Again, thank you, Chuck, for making this website available.  Best regards. 

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As has been said above.  Remembered user name and password from registering a few years ago.  Don't post much, but have used the forums for information to help with the display and would really miss being able to come here.  Don't use facebook or any other social media.

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I agree the forums should be kept

As a person who has used forums for a long time, as well as someone who uses social media - I almost NEVER bother looking for any type of information on Facebook.  The fact that it is come as you go and you will not know who you are getting information from (at least forums you can tell who has been around long enough and see a reputation to build off of). 

Also helpful is when new product does arrive and people share the news and reviews here 

Oddly, I do use social media to make purchases when people are selling items (Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, etc) 

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