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Stores getting Halloween Christmas in

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This makes me want to decorate now. It looks like most decorations are oversized.  I've been to Target, Walmart and Michael's so far.  Wal-Mart has just a few fall items.  Target and Lowe's didn't have anything.  Michael's had a section they cleared out to set up Halloween.  Tomorrow is Sept 1st and I can't wait until summer is over.

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Looks like Target has some stuff out at selected stores.  I was looking at the Target website this morning and this blow mold came up as available in town though not at my nearest store.  17" high and battery operated light for $20.  Any of these I get that operate off a battery quickly get converted to running off low voltage DC from a converter.


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I visited my local Home Depot yesterday and while I was there passed by the Halloween collection.  If you have $300 to blow, they had a humongous skeleton as the centerpiece for their display.  It is 12 feet high.   I didn't see a single blow mold on display.  The pumpkins were the foam type.


  • Makes a spine-tingling centerpiece for Halloween
  • Animated LCD eyes create a creepy effect
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
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