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Artistic latex form restoration and locating heads

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Hi I was interested in finding any info on restoration artistic latex form choir kids.  I recently purchased 2 bodies ( they lost their heads to an eBay auction winner that only wanted the heads)I was outbid by a dollar at the last second for the complete set including heads🙁  I couldn’t let the bodies be tossed so I purchased them post auction.  They arrive next week and wanted to get a jump on cleaning and restoring them also hopefully at least finding One head before Christmas lol   There are 2 major issues.  One body has the hymn book broken off most of the way so it needs to be reattached. Any recommendations on a product to use? And the second is they are covered in dark mold like spots that appear to be stains ( although the seller said they seem to wipe off somewhat) if they are stains any ideas on how to remove them?  I was thinking a light bleach solution but not sure how it would react with the material. Have always loved these pieces and excited to have some of my own.  We had the life sized santa and sleigh when I was a kid I kick myself all the time for not making sure it was saved during a move when I lived elsewhere.  Any leads on where to find heads would be appreciated too. See them from time to time on eBay and Etsy but didn’t know if there was any other sites to check. Hi




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Hi Kris - so sorry to hear that you lost the full-body purchase of these items. I know we have a few blowmold folks that attend Christmas Expo but I don't know if they follow us here. A few places I have seen vintage blowmolds for sale have been Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Goodwill and Salvation Army stores (but only around the holidays). Hope this helps!


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