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Spt cords...which way is better? or does it matter?

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I'm in the process of setting up our Christmas lights, and thought of this question.   Here's a scenario...i have areas of multiple shrubs, with more spacing between them, than the light string end will reach to the next shrub.  Is it better to make short patch cords to daisy chain them or make one long cord with multiple female inline plugs on it?  Please explain your responses.  I appreciate it.

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When you say lights. are they LED are incandescent?  Are they mini or C7/C9?
It's all comes down to the wire size, type of lights LED/incandescent and number of lights or the current.

LEDs draw very little current.  You could probably get away stringing 8 to 10 together with patch cords.
Non-LED 3 or 4.

It's easier and you have a lot more flexibility with patch cord method.  With one long cord you have fixed the spacing making things harder to change.  With the patch cord method you can make the cords to the length you need.  Much more flexibility for when you change your mind and what to change things. 





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I agree with Douggg. Also I would add what’s your goals. If it to try out this year then I would go with short jump cord. I still use some all of mine are old no working sets of lights. It a little longer then you need but it can’t be used for much else. If your goal is a set up that you plan on using for many years then SPT-1 is way to go.

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