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Has anyone started decorating yet?  My wife gets upset with me if I start putting up while our Halloween decorations are up.  It is about time to start getting stuff down and prepping.  My empire santa sleigh needs some work on the runners so I think I will get it down and start working on that to be ready for the roof.  How's everyone doing?

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16 hours ago, Big J Illinois said:

Our display will me dark this year..sold most of the 200 molds off..dont have the storage, or the time anymore. That and the weather..

Big J,

I hope all is ok.  That being said there have been many times when members just needed to take a break.  I have thought about selling everything in the past.  Sometimes you just need to skip it.  


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Big J

Sounds like a perfect year to get a Grinch and run one strand off the roof. Simple yet says a lot.



I've got 14 wire deer that I have always had issues keeping from falling over. I got them all down about a month ago and made some bases for them out of wood I had in my scrap pile. Does not look fancy but I keep them on a hill about 100 yards from the road and they will do the job.

I have a pile of old lights that are busted or half working on that I have been messing with to try and get working. 

We do quite a but for Halloween so nothing officially goes up until Nov 1 after all Halloween has been taken down.

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I am glad to hear you are doing good!! Over years most of people I meet on Craigslist to buy blow molds were same way:)

18 hours ago, Big J Illinois said:

Hi all, not fully retired..yet lol.. healthy as can be. I will be a lurking on here from time to time lol.  I always will stay in contact Thanks J


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