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Should I go with RGB pixels? Depends on where you live...

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I constantly get the question about switching to smart pixels.  They're great eye candy BUT expensive, complicated and can be power hogs.

I got to watching a lot of the customer-submitted videos on the Light-O-Rama website.  What struck me with the RGB pixel displays was how cars would speed past... totally ignoring what was built to stop them in their tracks.


Now when I talk to others about switching to smart pixels I ask them where they live.  If there's not a place for people to park and watch I recommend sticking with traditional lighting where you're lucky to get one second of eyeball time. 

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Is your show unique?  That question drives my decisions as well as who's going to see it and why do I even decorate. This is my tenth year and I have slowly added rgb bulbs but have not removed any traditional lights.  The S5 software gives more motion effect options that work well to blend my show.  I don't see going full rgb or adding a $2,000.00 tree that plays cartoons.  I'd rather invest in a projection (inspired by Disney), but I would settle for a 50 watt rgb flood to color a wall if LOR would ship them.

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