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Starting out on the cheap for newbies

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If you know of someone who wishes to start out with a display but either doesn't want to or can't afford to spend $$$ tell them to look for the Goodwill outlet store that serves as a sorting facility with a bulk item store if one is near you.  My local outlet store was closed for 6 months but recently opened again with expanded space.  They sell items for $1.49 per pound and will quote separate prices for heavy items that may not be worth buying by the pound at that price.  They are currently in the process of sorting Christmas goods to send to the stores here in town.  That means there are many worthwhile items available, especially larger items that might take up too much space in the retail stores.  They have many incandescent strings and even some LED strings that you can test before buying.  There are lots of wireframes, driveway marker lights, candy canes, and Christmas tree decorations.  I visited three times in the past month and picked up the items below and a nice 24 year old Sun Hill 20" pumpkin blow mold.   Each of these only cost a few dollars.

Gemmy Santa needed new lights but I always change them to LEDs anyway.


Wireframe Santa and 8 large + 24 small driveway markers



collapsible wireframes  (came with incandescent lights that worked) 




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