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Molded Rubber-era Caroler ID?

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Anybody seen this before?  It popped up on Ebay a few days ago.  Mold Craft and Heller always stamped their stuff and Sculptoris stuff usually had Wiken's name on it somewhere.  That leaves ALFCO and Silvestri (unless there's a sixth molded-rubber era company out there anybody has heard of) as potential manufacturers.  ALFCO didn't stamp some of their later stuff like their sleigh team, and I've never seen a marked Silvestri piece. If I had to guess, I'd say the mismatched art style looks similar to what little Silvestri stuff I've seen.  I also looked into the possibility it could be spliced from two separate blow molds, such as a mold craft body with a Silvestri head, but nothing matches up and it looks completely original.  Any ideas?


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Do you possibly know who won the choir girl or who the seller was?  If so, could you  send the information as we are updating the blow-molded.com website and would love to  get front and back pictures of it to add to the unknown section so that possibly someone might be able to identify it.  At this time I don't remember seeing one like this before.  The body is similar to the 1959 Mold-Craft choir kids but I do not remember seeing any Mold-Craft bodies with that style red bow so I do not think this one was made by them.  I do not recall ever seeing a ALFCO choir kid with this style gown or in the white & green color combination.  The head is similar to the 1951 **** Wiken Mold-Craft #200-2 "Braids" choir girl but the Wiken one does not have bows on the ends of the braids.  I do not recall seeing that style head on any ALFCO choir kids.  The few Silvestri choir kids I have seen do not have bodies or heads like this one. 

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