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Facebook groups vs PC

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I am new to the Christmas display community and have used PC as a place to learn new stuff each week. A friend sent me some links to some Facebook groups as that is what he frequently uses for ideas and support. So I joined up and did some scrolling through a couple of these groups. I actually posed one question hoping for some suggestions. The responses I got ranged from nasty language to disrespect. I had one helpful suggestion. I will spend my time here from now on. I realize there may be some humor, rolling eyes, or whatever when I post on here but this place has been really helpful to me as a rookie. Just thought I would share. Merry Christmas Planet Christmas peeps!

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I kind of had a similar experience. Joined a FB "Christmas Decorations" group and all it was was boring people posting pictures of their Christmas trees. Quickly got out of that group and decided I'm just gonna stick with this place. Merry Christmas to you as well!

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I'm on a wire frame one in book face that's not bad. You can't beat good ole PC for real info. I know there are two other forums Christmas sites similar to PC but that are 98.38484999% animated, dancing, pixels and all that jazz. I know there's plenty of that here but also tons of static help. Heck even stuff on storage is great here.

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