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What Bulbs For Synchronization To Replace Incandescents in Blow Molds?

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I can't find any incandescent bulbs to use in my blow molds which are part of my synchronized show.

Are there LEDs which turn off appropriately when we are doing many on and off commands within a short amount of time?


I appreciate any advice that you have for me... my show will be significantly impacted if I can't light up these 16 blow molds.

(Right now I have at least two of them with burnt-out bulbs from last year)

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What type of bulbs are the C7s? 

If so these are bright but expensive https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/decorative-led-filament-bulbs/t8-led-filament-bulb-40w-equivalent-candelabra-led-vintage-light-bulb-radio-style-dimmable-200-lumens/2146/


Or you can just get C7 Retrofit bulbs. Most of these turn on and off quickly if they are dimmable 

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The time lag that often accompanies LED lights is from the power source, not the LEDs themselves.  I converted my home to all LED a couple of years ago.  That meant using a number of power supplies from small plug in units all the way to 60W power supply similar to the ones I use for my Christmas displays.  Some have a noticeable time lag while others do not.  I doubt your system turns the power supply on and off, just the lights.  My Dream lights (IC6803) work perfectly with the power supply that has about a 5 second delay. 

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