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My 2020 Display

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Thanks for the kind words.  The staging is born of necessity; our yard slopes severely from the street to our porch so you can’t just set things to display on the ground; the “stages” let us bring them to more eye level and give you something flat and sturdy to mount the molds to (they are actually bracketed to the OSB).  The backgrounds – about half of them are shower curtains of all things; the others are fabric photography back drops.   You can find a limited selection of the latter that are machine washable (which means they are outdoor ready) but most are made of a stiff plastic that isn’t water proof.   The choir stage uses one of the plastic backgrounds (I couldn’t find a stain glass looking background in the fabric type) and I hit it with four coats of clear coat so we’ll see how it looks after a couple of seasons. 

The cutout manger scene is this guy:



Which was sold by sears in their catalog from 1959 to 1964.  Note that price…very expensive for 1964 (almost $600 in today’s money).  We were lucky enough to stumble on an almost complete set last year only two hours from our house.   We are missing the angel and one of the shepherds (we have the camel but it wasn’t set up when this photo was taken).  Thanks for the interest!

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