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Twinkling C7/C9 LED's

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Over the past few years, I have converted my entire indoor/outdoor display to LED except a very few niche items: 
- Pre-constructed outdoor wire / furry "critters" (deer, penguins) which use incandescent mini's. As LED versions become available, I will replace them
- One strand of 25 twinkling multi C7's I have on my Christmas tree to supplement the 7 strands of 25 LED C7's I have on my tree
- One short strand of 12 twinkling clear C7's for a row of red plastic bells which flash
- Two strands of 25 twinkling multi C9's in a large bush, supplementing 200 LED Multi C9's

What is the best current twinkling C7/C9 LED's for these applications? A couple years ago I bought a pack to try them out and they were not at all random, I ended up with them just "blinking" mostly at the same time, which was really annoying. 

Also looking for a good transparent multi LED, for both twinkle and for C7/C9 that has the "filament" look. I am considering changing the "strand" LED's I currently use with retrofitted C7/C9 strands for a better look. 

I saw some REAL nice ones at Disney World last year and wish I could have gotten the brand

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I had luck with these for a strand of Halloween Blinky blow mold pieces as well as a couple strands of bells outside.  Check out the video but it takes a minute or two for them to start blinking independently from each other.


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That price is pretty steep. $2 per bulb... 

Also, the specific application I am looking for is for a transparent (clear/crystal) C7 type, it seems like they only have these in Ceramic or those god awful  looking slotted bulbs, which I won't use... 

Thanks for the recommendation though... this application may work for my clear needs (my bells), but not the ones on the tree

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