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Our huge Christmas display this year 2020

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http://Video link https://youtu.be/9s3SOS24YkY

Can not find a thread for our display since it is a normal display no computerized anything, but it is huge all 4 sides of our home, plus you will see our inside is lit more then most of those who only do the front outside. You can see it all here on my Utube channel. And P.S. this is all done by 2 oldies ages 76 (wife) and 83 ( hubby) no outside help! I (wife) do all videos, photo's editing making the complete video & adding the music. And we get 1200 to 1500 visitors each year to view it and we make it into our local paper as well. Also take note, our display is carefully thought out, not just put out lined up like soldiers or tossed hither & yon, it is actually designed, by me (wife) and staked/ tied down and wired up and checked on each day bulbs replaced or whatever by hubby.

Video link
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