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LED Bulb Question

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Okay here's the deal, my display has 7 sets of blue & white LED net lights, it's not what I wanted, but it's what was available and I'm trying to make it work. 

I want to remove all of the blue bulbs and leave their sockets empty. Will an empty socket break the circuit and cause all of the lights in the net to not work? I only want the white lights in the nets to work. I obviously have no clue how LEDs work and googling has not been fruitful thus far. 

Photo for reference of my icy disco hell.




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That's a great idea Slankard, that's exactly what I'll do should I need to.

My problem is solved then, so excited, not only will the blue be gone, but I can take out or tape over some of the white lights too so that the lights don't look so linear. I want a random look for the lighting under the "snow" and I think this will accomplish that. 

Thank you so much guys!

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