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2020 display - Moana

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This year I've added Moana (Disney) to my display.  I've FINALLY gotten enough characters that I can start rotating vignettes in and out each year.  Of course, two of the scenes I left out this year were the two scenes that people asked why they weren't up.  Oh well... can't please everybody I guess.  Here are some pictures of Moana and the other scenes I've put up this year.  To give you an idea of scale... the top of Maui's hook is almost 8 feet tall.Resized_20201127_172608.thumb.jpeg.36ca65ce68c84345b830e16a9d9c4b13.jpeg









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8 hours ago, sadayo said:

Did you find a pattern for these somewhere? Or were you able to sketch or trace these designs out on your own? They're all done so nicely!

Thank you for the kind words!  I found all of the images for my characters online.  I usually do a search for a certain character and I'll add "coloring page" to the character's name... for example "Moana coloring page".  I like using coloring pages because the lines are very clearly drawn (for coloring purposes).  Once I've found all my characters for a scene, I'll either print them onto transparencies to use with my overhead projector, or I'll just use my daughter's projector and project the image onto the Coroplast the size I want it to be.  After that, it's a simple matter of tracing the image.

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