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Last minute find at Goodwill

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i decided to make one last trip to the Goodwill outlet store (surplus items) before Christmas to see what was available.  It was good timing because I was able to find two more blow molds for my nativity display - the GFP standing wise man and a cow.  The best find was a "Gemmy Lightshow Christmas Lights 6' Projection Lamp Post with Lighted Signs, Electro-Fire".  The two blow molds were less than $5 together and the lantern was $13 based upon the weight.  The light in the lantern is special.  It's an LED assembly that flickers with and orange color.  It really does look like a candle flame.  Whenever I see any Christmas decoration by Gemmy at the outlet store I buy it.  They sure make good stuff.   

I wonder just how many blow molds end up at Goodwill.  I keep finding many over time

forgot the picture


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