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Good morning and Happy New Year.  I've started the planning for this year's yard display during Christmas and want to present my thoughts to you for your comment and suggestion.  I'm an engineer (electrical at that) so I'm at a disadvantage in some respects.  Among other things, my wife says that I think too much.  So, this hobby, for me, is now about thinking AND doing.  I've bought my first set of 88 mini warm white incandescents.  Here is my wish list:

One - LOR CTB16PC Kit (plan to start with 8 channels on one side so one supply extension cord at 15A)

LOR Starter Pack with ShowTime Basic Plus Software

LOR FM Transmitter

We are putting the finishing tweaks on the computer setup so it will be ready for the Starter Kit when it arrives.  I want to get to testing the timing on the incondescents the soonest I can but I've heard that LOR has sales on occasion.  I may go ahead and purchase now, regardless.

I plan to work to the music of Handel's Messiah.  I've not seen a display of that nature in our area so am thinking it will be a nice addition.  I've attached a picture of our front yard for your consideration.  My first thoughts are that we have four trees along the front just behind a fence that needs mending.  Perhaps the trees could represent the four vocal parts of the composure and in general, the trees behind represent the orchestration.  I had also thought of adding some welded frames but for eight channels, there are plenty of trees for the lights.  So, off we go with the planning.


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