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Pole-Mounted Blow Mold Reindeer Head?

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Has anyone ever seen this?  This display is really something, it spans three properties and is an entire topic in itself, but this reindeer head at 7:27 caught my eye.  

It doesn't appear to be the art style of GP or be made of the materials favored by Crystal Valley.  You occasionally see a one-off tabletop blow mold made by a toy manufacturer or something along those lines and discover a previously unheard of company, but that almost never happens on the municipal blow mold scale, as people with the resources to make these things usually did so full time and are fairly well known.  

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19 hours ago, penguins1 said:

Wow what a display. Unfortunately I have no idea on that reindeer head!!

I heard a video say its something like 1700 blow molds.  I'm sure that includes all the little GP bells and sugarplums around the roof and over the driveway, and there's a lot of duplicates, but it is incredibly impressive nonetheless.  I believe in terms of sheer number of pieces it's the largest blow mold display I've come across, with some incredibly rare stuff too, like that deer head.  

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I've visited this house many times--an annual tradition! They are the nicest people and have the most amazing collection. Many of their items are older and have seen many winters. Whereas I keep my nicer things inside... they seem to put everything outside. They add more each year... I have a closeup of the reindeer head see below. I asked where he got them but now I forget. Maybe Virginia?


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