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Empire and Union snowmen

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this is about  a pair of snowmen I got from a hoarders yard sale lol. To make the long spiral story short I had previously known the family when I serviced their TV. They where elderly and the house was never updated from the 70s. Furniture, light fixtures and you name it was all the same. I never thought much about them until a few months back when I saw a sale they where having. The type where you make an offer on what you could pull out of a 3 car garage that was filled with junk. Apon arrival I spoke with a younger gentleman and his crew as to where the old couple was at and I was told the husband passed away and the children put there mom into a retirement home. They sold the house for little to nothing and left everything inside. The house was rundown and the lawn was severely overgrown. I could make out on the FB post a blow mold snowman inside of the garage and to my surprise there was 2 of them! After showing him what I was able to dig out he said that he would take $6 for the pair. So now there in my collection. Nether of them look like they where ever used outside. There was some pumpkin candy holders and a set of snowman pathway markers but at that point his workers started taking snow shovels full of items to a roll off because of how much stuff was in the garage.


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