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Happy New Year friends! This year I want to add C6 lights to my garage roof(vertically)which features two converging roof lines.My question is this: how to secure nice straight lines without stapling? The valleys are not exposed flashing,but rather are shingled-over-which I think makes the task more difficult.Many thanx!2006093986_postChristmas.thumb.jpg.2a0f537aa8157e120e58ec5670394c47.jpgDJI_0003.thumb.JPG.82fd35c0aeb930cf084d7e076b1bc38c.JPG

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I use plastic hardware cloth or hardware net to create straight lines for my mega tree and my zig zag prop(don't know what else to call it).  I just push through regular led mini lights.  The hardware cloth/net has half inch squares, which makes it easy to measure out.  If you're not using mini lights, you can attach the lights of your choice using zip ties.






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