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What type pixel lights for permanent house border

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i have been running LOR AC light shows for many years. I am just starting to play around with PIXELS. I just purchased a LOR Pixie16 and some 12v Pixel nodes. I am able to build a sequence in S5 and control the pixels.

I would like to install pixels permanently around the border of my house. I would like to use them for all holidays.

My questions is what type of pixels should I buy. Should I buy the 12v pixel bullet nodes, pixels strips or something else? 

I kind of figured out a mounting method for the bullet pixel modes, but before I do this I was wondering if I should consider another type of pixel.

If you suggest a pixel strip, which ones would you recommend. I see there are 30led's/10pixels, 60led's/20pixels, 60led's/60pixels, etc...

Thank you so much for any information.

Steve from Syracuse NY

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