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Purple LEDs - Group Buy

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Those of you who repair your own LED strings-- I have finally tracked down a source for 3mm flangeless style "Phosphor Purple" LEDs-- as is used in holiday light strings.  These are NOT the 395nm UV purples ones.  These are actually GaN (blue) LEDs with some red phosphor.  They are close to, but not quite, the same color as the pink ones, but these are a little more blueish.  The color matches the purple Christmas and Halloween LED strings from Walmart, Target, Home Depot, etc.
This is direct from the Mfr so there is a minimum quantity, and shipping is way more than the LEDs themselves.  I'm debating if its even worth it.  But I'm looking at doing a group buy.  If enough people are interested, I'll order a few thousand and resell them in bags of 100 for $5, post paid.
That is still slightly cheaper than buying extra strings to cannibalize and I have found when you try to unbend and rebend the leads they often break so this will solve that problem.
PM me if interested.

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