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Hey all

If you’re not on Facebook or have not seen or heard, but I have a small business and am happy to announce an exclusive blow mold snowman never seen before and will NOT be seen in retailers. 
If this does well then you can bet there will be tons of designs to come. 

The snowman will be $65.49 and available only through pre order on our website in a couple weeks. 
He stands 34x15x15. And will be made in China. 

If you have questions ask away. 
Like the business page to keep up to date as well Facebook.com/Richardsholidayshop 




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6 minutes ago, donna123 said:


Very cute snowman and I love the cardinals on the wreath.  I wish you the best of luck with your new blow mold.


Thank you. I appreciate it. The interest seems high so we shall see 

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5 hours ago, Rotatorman said:

When will we be able to order one?  Can you please let us know? Thnx.

Soon. I hit a snag. A snag as in I’m designing a lady to go with him. 

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1 hour ago, Big J Illinois said:



9 minutes ago, donna123 said:

She is so adorable!  Love everything about it!

Thank you both! 
Like us on Facebook 

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On 4/6/2021 at 8:03 PM, PhilaGriswold said:

Great! My fiancée and I are planning on having them as part of the decorations for our wedding reception in December. We are very excited. - Dylan

Can’t wait. As long as all goes well over seas there should be no hiccups 

5 hours ago, shane page said:

They look real nice. What about redoing some of the old molds?

It’s possible. Knowing the companies are closed, they still may hold copyrights. I will say though I am looking into it and have reached out to the powers they may be :

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