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Mr Christmas light show straining my power.

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Last year I acquired a Mr Christmas light show for $5 from a woman who was moving from the country to the city.  While most users on here use computerized light shows and such I like to keep it the old fashioned way by using more store bought décor like blow molds, inflatable and who could forget Christmas lights! While the unit it's self is a bit faded (mainly the stickers) it was in really good condition and was probably only used once or twice. While using it  for the first week or two I had no trouble until one night I noticed the house lights flickering with the music. Before I had everything running of 1 outlet box but due to a fire hazard risk I  made the display run off 3 different pairs of outlets. And the outlet we installed outside has its own breaker and everything. For weeks I tried unplugging different decorations and sections of the display but if you had 2 areas plugged into the light show it starting making the house lights flicker again. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue or knows a way around it. Btw this is the 2007 Mr. Christmas light show and not the cheap Chinese garbage they sell on amazon today. So its made to last!


Here are some videos/pics of my display

Christmas/Christmas eve 


Normal light show (all decorations outside)


pics are a bit old (late November) but most of Décor is outside



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Mr. Christmas... I keep one in my closet and still use it on occasion.  Great product for its time, as long as you keep your expectations realistic.  It's not really designed for light strings with built-in controllers (like chasers) or props with motors.  But... it's perfect for basic incandescent light strings... if you don't have too many.  Each channel can safely handle 200 watts and that works out to about six 100 light mini strings or about 40 C7 bulbs.   Light strings with built-in controllers are troublesome because the Mr. Christmas controller fights with the light-string controller.  You don't want to use props with motors because the Mr. Christmas channels can cycle on/off quickly and burn up a motor.

Here a manual I found: http://support.mrchristmas.com/pdf/67791.pdf

What's the worst thing about Mr. Christmas?  Those built-in tunes can get really old really fast 😲

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