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Vintage Municipal Season's Greetings Skyline Center

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Sorry no shipping. See my website (https://municipalchristmas.wixsite.com/my-site-1) for more info.

I don't ship large items like this as it is extremely expensive as they have to go LTL freight as all the municipals are just to big to be shipped any other way. Meaning it would have to be created or palletized and that will add more cost. Pre-pandemic shipping anything this size out of Wisconsin was running $300.00 and up depending on the size, weight and delivery location/requirements for the semi (commercial or residential address, etc.). Now with the increased fuel cost and the tucking shortage it is likely much more. Therefore I can't ship anything large. Sorry. However I am available for pick-up most days of the week including weekdays.

You must understand this is an extremely rare decoration and is highly sought after by blow mold and municipal Christmas collectors alike. Decorations like this with the lighted plastic centers are no longer being made and likely never will be again. Being this hangs over the center of the street and is the oval shape it is even rare than the pole mounted round ones that hang off the side of utility poles. This is the only one of these decorations that look exactly like this I have come across and I have never see any just like it come up for sale anyplace ever.

The size is about: 38" x 60".

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No shipping, that’s a bummer. A little to far to drive. Maybe if you need to head towards Ohio for anything we could meet up somewhere.

I like the site, I’m always searching for things like that. I have never seen your site before.

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