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Any news on 2021 Walmart blow molds


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Yes 3-AA batteries. My target only had a ghost and I got it. Like in the past I will convert it to C7 - 120V like Kroger blow molds from a few years ago.



The Halloween stop sign ( box the ghost is on in picture) at target is plug in 120V with wall wart to power LEDs

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this is from blow mold>>>sharing it>>>see below.

On 9/27/2018 at 8:55 AM, Scott Rob said:

Below are some pictures. This is for a new Walmart blow mold Lantern.

The LED part is a 1/4turn to open it does have some glue holding it but, I could just move it a little and it broke loss. I used a unibit drill bit for the holes. I think they work better when drilling in plastic. I then use some zip plugs and spt-1 wire I use at Halloween and Christmas. Then I attached the socket part to spt-1 wire and ran it through the holes I had drilled in the LED base.  Added the male end onto the spt-1 wire and a new 120V LED light is created. This small project toke about 5-10minutes to do. Hope this helps!

PS. Sorry my pictures may not be in order.













On 9/23/2020 at 12:01 PM, Scott Rob said:

Just got done on a lunch break converting battery powered to 120vac plug in. Below are the pictures.









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I see Blow-Molded has 3 Nightmare Before Christmas Blow molds by Gemmy that are 36 inches tall that are supposed to be sold through Wal Mart.  Is this still the case? I saw a listing on their site for Jack that says sold out, but cannot find the other 2.  And I haven't seen anything on social media of people finding these in the wild yet. 

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I live in Bentonville and usually see some prototypes at the walmart associate store but not usually until next month. Walmart carries a few gemmy ones but most are their own brand, Holiday Time. Halloween stuff should be out now. 

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I was at my local Lowe’s yesterday and they have a bunch of Christmas stuff in boxes, looks like it just came in.

On 9/7/2021 at 10:01 AM, Joeyohhhh said:

I see Blow-Molded has 3 Nightmare Before Christmas Blow molds by Gemmy that are 36 inches tall that are supposed to be sold through Wal Mart.  Is this still the case? I saw a listing on their site for Jack that says sold out, but cannot find the other 2.  And I haven't seen anything on social media of people finding these in the wild yet. 

That would be really cool if they have those.

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Alternate ways for converting battery operated LED lights.

You can easily power a group of battery operated lights using a 4.5V DC converter for those lights that use 3 AA or AAA batteries (or even three button cells in series).  Just buy a "4.5V DC Wall Adapter Regulated Power Supply 1A" on eBay for $7 and wire up the lights to the adapter https://www.ebay.com/itm/264425077629.  This is especially good for those lights that are more than just illuminated with a white light inside.  The hanging lantern with swirling lights modified by Scott Rob is an example of this.  Unless you buy a special bulb, you no longer have the swirling RGB light.  The output for this adapter is 1000mA at 4.5V so you should be able to wire up several lights to one adapter.  It may still require you to open the light but you can solder the wires to the battery holder.  Just do it carefully so you don't melt anything but the solder.

The alternative I prefer is to use a 12V DC source for all my conversions where possible.  I can get a fairly sizeable converter (100-500W output) and wire many to one power supply.  In order to match the output from the LED power supply you need to add a buck module to reduce the voltage from 12V for battery operated lights using 3 or 4.5V.  They are cheap and pretty easy to use.  Here are three that I have used for my conversions.  They range from 50 cents each to around $5 for the deluxe model with built in voltage meter.  The least expensive ones are a bit difficult to set to the proper voltage so I would recommend the middle version, about $1.40 each if you buy 5 at a time.  You can wire several battery lights up to one module as the output can be up to 3A for the two larger modules.


An advantage of using 12V directly is it lets you use inexpensive bulbs that were intended for auto or home use.  Here are an array of bulbs that I use for my conversions.  You can buy the bases shown below the lamps but it is just as easy to solder wires directly to the bulb leads.  These are (l-r) T10 auto bulbs 10mm white with the base removed, RGB color changing, single color Red, single color Blue and then three G4 base bulbs, 300 lumen chip-on-board, 24 LED, and 48 LED.  The last three will work on 12V DC or 12V AC.  


The last time I ordered 20 white T10 bulbs they were only 11 cents each ordered by slow boat from China.  The ones on the right ordered  on eBay ranged from about a dollar to $1.50 each if you order 10 at a time.  The G4 bases are a dime each if you order 10 from China. 

I just bought these two Halloween pumpkins at Goodwill surplus.  The black one was powered by three LR41 button cells (really small cells) and while the light still worked it was pretty dim so I removed the two 5 mm RGB color changing bulbs and replaced them with a single T10 RGB bulb.  The other came with a 110V, 15W incandescent bulb in the base.  That one became a 24 LED 12V 300 lumen light.



The two small LEDs are 5mm RGB LEDs like the ones that were on the base originally.='

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Went by two Lowe’s in between field meeting. I pick up a pair of Mickey and Minnie. The manger at Lowe’s said all Christmas should be out by next Thursday for southern area. Also Walmart had old general foam pumpkin pals that are made at blow mold plant that Santa’s best used to be made at in Mexico. For some reason my Walmart only got pink ones? Also pictures on table one on left is last years for example of the difference.






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