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PVC Snowman

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Made these last year with molded PVC, connectors, lights and staked down with a rebar. Made 6, and this year hope to finish making 8 more. Will be adding a 2nd set of color lights to each hat to emphasize the color. They stand 10 tall  and a little over 3 ft at the widest.  If you have a pvc bender its easier to make these otherwise your going to have to improvise. I have measurement upon requests.  We are not the original maker, we had to measure off another build but they look extremely close in size.

4 Snowmen.jpg

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ok being so new to this site, i am still trying to figure out how to see new posts or where these posts pages are... so i came across my own post by accident...lol    Shopping list for snowman.  all 1/2 pvc,   90 elbow=6, 45's=2,  X's+3, T's=2, 8 footers 1/2=5, Plugs internal = 6. Helpful to have is a pvc bender which softens the pvc. Plus making a jig by  drawing out your shape and putting screws or penny nails in a plywood board to hold your shape. H img001.thumb.jpg.21ad9181d7eaa00f553251448d7571c9.jpg    Hope this makes sense... 

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Hope you can zoom in  to see the joints. We spray painted the center tube black, and we removed all the pvc ink so it looks whiter.

Snowman frame.jpg

This is what we use and it take only a few minutes and its quick... we have use it for so so many projects.

pvc bendit.JPG

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