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Introduction Day 1

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Hello fellow Christmas friends.  Thanks for the invite.  Hubby and I are DIY'er. More like I see something and I need him to build it for me. I am only semi creative, meaning I can try and copy but I wish I have original juices. Instead we drive around various neighborhoods just to get ideas and go home and see if we can make them.  2010 I saw a Train build, researched and got a hold of a young man how had plans online and communicated for pointers. Otherwise we built something similar but with different approaches. Next we built a Mega Tree, then an arch that spans the double driveway, then the snowmen, the recycled doll house and ride on cupcakes. This year we have become empty nesters so there goes our decorating  help this yr, with help it takes us 3 weeks to set up plus we are in a parade which is the 1st Sat in Dec so trying to lay track, pull everything out, attach the 200lb decking to the trailer (4man job) and get the yard down by Dec 1st is very tedious. I think we have to scale way down as hubby and I are not spring chickens anymore plus he still works and yard display is his nighttime job... See below for our Griswold production.


Mix of what we built is all on the outside and within the center of the tracks we call commercial island of store bought displays.

20171227_170118_resized (2).jpg

20171227_170208_bigger (3).jpg

4 Snowmen.jpg

train small.PNG


cupcake 2018-1.jpg

Train Parade.jpg

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The Mrs Clause cookie house was found on the side of the road shattered. It was the window that i saw that survived but when i touched it i realized it was plastic and thought I could add it as a cute window to my Christmas shed we had just built. Instead hubby and i went by real late at night and grabbed all the pieces which is really illegal off the side of the freeway.  So we rebuilt it and had to make a lot of pieces that didnt survive. So instead of keeping it as a playhouse i painted it, then went shopping at Hobby Lobby and found all the add-ons. The following year we found the exact same doll house and fixed it and painted it for her and drove it up 2 states to deliver since she wanted Mrs. Clauses Cookie house.  As for the cupcakes, those were in a 4 yr thought after seeing them at the Makers Faire... I found the  plans online and at the time we had twin boys with us so we built 2. The purpose was to have the kids drive the cupcakes around the moving float as we traveled the parade route and they were the run away cupcakes from Mrs. Clause.... they were a hit in the parade. Twins are gone now after graduating so for us to use them in the parade  we need to find some younger kids in the neighborhood to take on the task....   The cupcakes are built off a scooter and it takes 2 per cupcake, {chopped and altered)  the box next to the handles holds the 4 12v batteries.

Cupcake underside.jpg

cupcake inside.jpg

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